Alongside many recognised drinks brands, we also stock a good selection of more artisan spirits and craft beers at Mikeys. Ireland has a thriving drinks industry and we try to highlight many of the smaller brewers and distillers on our doorstep. Be it the whiskey from Tipperary Boutique Distillery, the gin from Berthas Revenge or the vodka from Kalak, there are a number of interesting options to choose from. We also have award-winning White Gypsy Beer on draft. Enjoy a drink in the original snug, sitting by the fireplace or up at the old bar.


The Horse Box Bar

On warmer days, guests can venture out to the garden and order a drink from the famous Horse Box Bar. The cocktail From the Horses Mouth is one of the most popular drinks through the hatch and down the hatch!



Our wine list at Mikeys has been carefully curated with a focus on small estate, mostly organic and biodynamic wines. We are interested in showcasing wines from makers who believe in minimal intervention and take a natural approach to the process of wine producing. 

See our sample Wine List



Our signature cocktails at Mikey Ryan's often a twist on the classics; try the Mikey's Mule, Bloody Mikey or The Premier Cocktail.